Corowa Preschool Association Incorporated

Preschool in Corowa for children aged 3-5 years



Fees, together with monies allocated by the NSW Department of Education, provide funds for the operation of the preschool.  A non refundable enrolment fee to cover administration costs ($28 per child), an annual member’s fee ($2 per family) and a fundraising levy ($50 per family) must be paid on enrolment.   Fees for 2018 are $26 per day for 4 year olds (turning 4 before 31st July) and $32 per day for 3 year olds (birthdays after 31st July).   Fees for families with a current Health Care Card or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander are $15 per day for 4 year olds and $16 per day for 3 year olds .  Please contact us for information.

Corowa Preschool is a Registered Child Care Provider.  If you are working or studying while your child is at preschool, you may be able to claim money back through the Medicare office to assist with your preschool fees.  We can provide a separate receipt on request, as this can only be claimed in arrears.


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