Corowa Preschool Association Incorporated

Preschool in Corowa for children aged 3-5 years


Group with MarkCorowa Preschool celebrates belonging and builds life skills


At Corowa Preschool the following values and beliefs set the foundation of what we hold as important:-

  • To provide a safe, fun, nurturing, trusting and relaxed learning environment where children, families, staff and the community feel welcomed, valued and respected.


  • We recognise the connections between children, families and communities and the importance of reciprocal relationships and partnerships for learning.


  • We are dedicated to honouring and respecting Australia’s First Nations peoples as traditional custodians of the land, on which we all work, live and learn.


  • We challenge ourselves, and each other to weave cultural perspectives throughout our service, the environment, the curriculum and partnerships with others.


  • We uphold the rights of the child and respect their capabilities, as curious learners and knowledge holders through an unbiased lens.


  • We value the need for children to connect to our natural environment. As advocates for a sustainable future, we search for ways to enable children to care for and learn from the land and other living things.


  • Building life skills, creativity and a love of learning supported by an inclusive curriculum that promotes the individual strengths, ideas, and needs of every child. These goals are actioned as educators support children’s learning through the context of play, participation and thoughtful intentional teaching.


  • As early years professionals we are committed to reflective practice to gain insights that support, inform and enrich decision making about children’s learning. Through seeking knowledge as individuals or as part of a learning community we can examine and review current practices so that new ideas are generated and applied to enhance practice and service provision.

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